Hot Stamp

Hot Stamp

For a metallic image, hot stamping is the best option. A plate is created then, through heat and pressure, the foil is transferred to the surface of the product. We offer a wide range of foil colors including metallic, matte and gloss.

Hot Stamping List Price

All Bags (except paper merchandise bags)

2-Color/1-Side or 1-Color/2-Sides – Double the Per Bag Price
2-Color/2-Sides – Multiply Per Bag Price x 4
2-color requires 2 plates

Paper Merchandise Bags, All Boxes & Gift Cards

Hot Stamping Stock Colors

Navy Blue Matte
Electric Blue Matte
Baby Blue Matte
Peacock Matte
Turquoise Matte
Forest Green Matte
Green Matte
Olive Matte
Light Green Matte
Burgundy Matte
Red Matte
Orange Matte
Yellow Matte
Orchid Matte
Purple Matte
Deep Pink Matte
Pink Matte
Baby Pink Matte
Dark Brown Matte
Medium Brown Matte
Grey Matte
Taupe Matte
Ivory Matte
Champagne Matte Metallic
Teal Matte Metallic
Red Matte Metallic
Purple Matte Metallic
Copper Matte Metallic
Gold Matte Metallic
Silver Matte Metallic
Blue Metallic
Teal Metallic
Green Metallic
Lime Metallic
Burgundy Metallic
Red Metallic
Fuchsia Metallic
Pink Metallic
Purple Metallic
Copper Metallic
Gold Metallic
Silver Metallic
Black Metallic

Additional Notes

All Prices Are Fob Mill (prepay and charge freight)

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