Paper Bags Expertly Printed to Your Specifications

Custom paper bags for foodservice and retail.

Shamrock is a leading provider of twisted-handle kraft paper bags for foodservice and retail. We offer professional printing services for any size project with the lowest minimum orders in the industry. All of our printing is done at our manufacturing facilities in the US.

Flexographic Printing: High-Quality Results at Affordable Cost

Flexographic printing uses a flexible relief plate to print your design on paper bags. The photopolymer plate has raised images that are inked with a roller.

The image is then transferred to your paper bags either after the bag is made – or during the manufacturing process. Flexographic printing produces high-quality results at an affordable cost.

Choose the Perfect Production Process
for Your Custom Paper Bags

In-Line Printing for Big Branding Statements

In-line printing provides maximum flexibility in your paper bag design. Your design is printed at the same time the bags are made so there are no limitations in the printable area. Choose from stock ink colors or match your PMS colors with a custom ink.

Ink Printing for Simplified Designs and Colors

Ink printing applies your design to the paper bag after the bags are manufactured. Keep in mind that your design must fit within the printing area. Recommended for small quantity 1- or 2-color designs when tight registration is less critical. Shamrock offers a wide selection of stock colors for ink printing.

Ink Colors – Stock or PMS Matching

Shamrock stock ink colors are available for any type of flexographic printing. PMS color matching is available.

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